Privacy Policy


At SeaGarden Beach Resort your privacy is important to us, and we are fully committed to protecting and safeguarding all information shared with us. This policy sets out the personal information and data we collect and receive through our website and how we use it. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, you can contact us here.

In this policy, personal information/data means information about you that is personally identifiable such as your name, email address, address, and phone number.

When you browse and sites owned or operated by SeaGarden Beach Resort without signing up for any of our services, no personal information is collected. We do, however, make use of "cookies" to obtain information on how visitors use our site. Cookies help us identify necessary details such as; but is not limited to the type of browser, device type, and the IP address of your device. Please see our Cookies section for more information about the nature of data tracked via cookies on our sites.

SeaGarden Beach Resort may make amendments to this privacy policy from time to time. As such, we recommend visiting this page frequently. If there are changes in our policies that alter how we use your information we will inform you whenever these changes may impact you.


To help you book the perfect vacation, we need information. The information we collect through is used to process reservations, process orders and in providing you with more personalized services which may be in the form of promotions and offers we feel may be relevant to you.

How does SeaGarden Beach Resort collect your information?

Information Provided By You:

  1. By making a reservation through our booking engine or by providing our vacation specialists with the information and allowing them to make the reservation for you.
  2. By visiting our website.
  3. By subscribing to our newsletter or a marketing initiative to receive periodic promotions.
  4. By giving it to us in communications concerning service delivery such as comments and reviews.
  5. By signing up for our membership program.

Why do we collect this information?

Reservation Information

When you make a reservation with us through our website, live chat or reservations department, your personal information is necessary to identify you, contact you and to process your reservation or requests. The types of information we may need to handle your reservation may include your name, phone number, address, email address, credit card number and its expiration date. We may also require information about the persons that will be staying with you. To ensure that your stay with us is personalized, we may collect information you share with us regarding your preferences. These include but is not limited to: the type of room, type of bed, accessibility to the room and similar preferences.

Visiting our Website

Information Collected Automatically:

Whenever you visit and websites owned or operated by SeaGarden Beach Resort, some non-identifiable information about you is collected automatically. These include your IP address (these are numbers assigned to your device whenever you connect to the internet), the time and date of your visit to our websites, the hardware, software or your internet browser. We also collect information on the type of device, language settings you used to access our site, services, and the pages you have viewed.


SeaGarden Beach Resort and websites we operate use "Cookies" and other tracking technologies to recognize you and other visitors when they visit or return to our site. These cookies help us to identify you and allow us to provide a more customized visit.

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that a site transfers to your device for record-keeping purposes. The use of these technologies are industry-standard and is used by most websites. The information collected helps us to tailor your experience and the experience of our visitors based on the data recorded such as your internet browser, IP address, pixel tags, operating system, and device type.

SeaGarden Beach Resort uses other technologies such as Google Analytics to help us to measure how a user interacts with the content of our website. We also use Facebook custom audiences to show ads to you that are tailored based on your interactions with our sites and measure your interactions with those ads to provide you with content we think would be more relevant to you.

All the technologies we mentioned above make use of cookies, pixel tags, embedded scripts, and web beacons to record the interaction a visitor has with our site and allows us to personalize your visit. If you need to find more information on these services, click any of the following links to learn more on Google's website or Facebook's Website .

By visiting the Google Analytics security and privacy principles, you can find out more information on how Google protects the information collected through Google Analytics.

By visiting the Facebook Data Use Policy, you can find out how Facebook protects the information collected through Facebook Custom Audiences.

At any time, you have full control over the data that websites may collect about your visits. You can take advantage of this if you do not wish to have your data collected by opting-out through installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. Or visiting the Facebook opt-out page to opt-out of Facebook Custom Audiences.

By subscribing to our newsletter or a marketing initiative to receive periodic promotions.

When you subscribe to our newsletter or other marketing initiatives, we require your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Language Preference and the Country you reside. You may at any time, opt-out of receiving emails from us by making use of the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of every email we send to you about special offers or promotions from our sites. You may also choose to opt back into these programs at any time in the future to resume receiving emails from us.

By giving it to us in communications concerning service delivery such as comments and reviews.

The information shared with us through communications concerning service delivery is only used to record your comments and in communicating with you regarding them and for addressing them with the hotel or employees to develop and improve our service delivery.

By signing up for our membership program.

All customers of SeaGarden Beach Resort have the opportunity to join our loyalty program. Our Membership Club is optional and is developed with the intent to provide exclusive offerings and gives a more personalized experience to all members. To do this, we require additional personal information from our members. By choosing to sign up for our membership program, you have consented to the supply of and use of your personal information.

Why does SeaGarden Beach Resort collect and use your data?

We collect your personal information to build and support a responsible commercial relationship with you and provide quality services to you. For example, we may need to reach out to you through the information you have provided us to give an update on your business with us.

We collect your personal information to understand more about your preferences and which of our services better suits your needs. This information helps us to personalize your experience with us. For example, knowing what room category you prefer.

We collect data to manage and develop our sites and operations. The pseudonymized data we collect is used for analytical purposes and helps us improve the quality of our services to meet and enhance our guest experiences on our sites. This information can and may be used to develop or troubleshoot our website.

We collect data to meet our legal and regulatory requirements. We may use data you have provided to us to handle and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations and compliance, to enforce the terms of use of the website, or to comply with lawful requests from law enforcement.

We collect data to develop, market, improve or provide products and services. We use data for marketing activities such as contacting you through the information you gave us to send you news, promotions, and updates to our service we feel may interest you. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of our newsletters.

Your information may also be used to show you personalized offers on our website and third-party websites (including social media sites) about limited time promotions that can be booked directly with us.

Your information is also used to manage other promotional activities that we run from time to time such as referral programs, competitions or giveaways.

Does share your information with other companies?

Your personal information will not be shared, traded or sold to other companies.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy or wish to make a request regarding your personal information, please contact our privacy department at or you may write us at:

SeaGarden Beach Resort

8 Kent Avenue

Montego Bay,